Hannah Gauss


Hannah holds a BA in International Relations and Media Studies, as well as a BA Honours in International Relations from the University of Cape Town. In her studies, she focused on geopolitics and conflict in sub-Saharan Africa. Her thesis investigated the implication of American counterterrorism efforts (leadership decapitation) through drone campaigns on al-Shabaab’s organisational capabilities and resilience at the Horn of Africa, for which she was awarded a distinction. In 2016, she was an assistant to the project manager of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Cape Town. Currently, she is based in Brussels where she graduated with distinction with an LLM in Human Rights Law and International Conflict and Security from the University of Kent Brussels School of International Studies in 2017. Her master thesis focused on amnesty laws linked to disarmament efforts as post-conflict justice tool in Uganda, DRC and Colombia. Hannah’s research interest is on post-conflict justice, legal challenges of live-conflict, dynamics of armed non-state actors, disarmament and security sector reforms, counterterrorism and illicit arms trade.

Email: hgauss@npwj.org